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  • End of Life and End of Support (EOL/EOS)
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This page lists the end of life and end of support dates for the AGENT++ C++ APIs

APIVersionReleasedEnd of LifeEnd of SupportUpgrade Recommendation
SNMP++3.2.x2010-09-01 (3.2.25)2014-02-172016-12-313.3.x
SNMP++3.3.x2014-02-17 (3.3.4)(question)(question)current
AGENT++3.5.x2010-09-02 (3.5.31)2014-02-172016-12-314.0.x
AGENT++4.0.x2014-12-17 (4.0.3)(question)(question)current
AgentX++1.4.x2013-02-04 (1.4.8)2014-11-292016-12-312.0.x
AgentX++2.0.x2014-11-29 (2.0.5)(question)(question)current
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