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  • Does MIB Designer support UTF-8 (UTF-16) for SMI specification files?
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MIB Designer supports UTF character sets, because it is written in Java. You can enable UTF-8, for example, by running MIB Designer with

java -Dfile.encoding=UTF-8 -jar mibdesigner.jar

However, SMI does only allow 7bit-ASCII characters and

  • carriage-return (CR)
  • line-feed (LF)
  • tabulators (e.g. TAB)
  • spaces

for all text enclosed in double quotes (") within a MIB file.

As a consequence, MIB Designer will refuse to compile/edit files with UTF-8 specific characters. Instead it will display an error message and mark the offending charcter in the MIB compiler log and file text.

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