This article describes step-by-step how you create your own SNMP agent (based on SNMP4J-Agent) with the AGENT++ SNMP tools MIB Designer, AgenPro, and MIB Explorer.

Step-by-step guide

The top level steps to perform are

  1. Create your MIB specification(s) with MIB Designer.

  2. Simulate the MIB in AgenPro.
  3. Verify the MIB usability with MIB Explorer.
  4. Generate the code for SNMP4J-Agent with AgenPro.

  5. Integrate the generated code into the main program.
  6. Implement instrumentation code for the generated code using the SNMP4J-Agent API.
  7. Provide initial security configuration for the agent.
  8. Run and test the agent.

Advanced Topics

  1. How to use AgenPro generated MIB objects with multiple SNMPv3 contexts.

This page is currently under construction and might be incomplete.