Problem Description

MIB Designer fails to start or fails to open a window with the following exception printed out on the console:

     at javax.swing.plaf.ColorUIResource.<init>(Unknown Source)
     at com.klg.jclass.table.JCTableUI.installDefaults(Unknown Source)
     at com.klg.jclass.table.JCTableUI.installUI(Unknown Source)
     at javax.swing.JComponent.setUI(Unknown Source)
     at com.klg.jclass.table.JCTable.setUI(Unknown Source)
     at com.klg.jclass.table.JCTable.<init>(Unknown Source)
     at com.klg.jclass.table.JCListTable.<init>(Unknown Source)

Root Cause

The problem is caused by an incompatibility of the configured Java Look&Feel with the graphics card driver. It can be sovled by using another Look&Feel.


  1. Edit the file in your home directory.
  2. Remove the line that starts with LookAndFeel=.
  3. Save the file and restart MIB Designer.
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