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  • AgenPro, MIB Designer, MIB Explorer hang on Mac OS before main window
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AgenPro, MIB Explorer, or MIB Designer does hang after accepting license and confirming to set a MIB repository path or to install accompanied files.

Root Cause

There seems to be. bug in the Mac OS X Java runtime regarding the Aqua look & feel support. Using the file chooser while the main windows (the frame) is not displayed yet, results in a deadlock. 


  1. Create a text file named in your home directory
  2. Add the following line to that file:

  3. Restart AgenPro

MIB Explorer

Disable the installation check which is displayed after the license agreement by adding the following lines to a (new) file file in your users home directory and replace "4.3.0" with your version. This problem should be solved with MIB Explorer 4.3.1 and later:


After the main window is displayed, please install you MIB files, examples, etc. with File->Install...

MIB DesignerFollow the steps described here.
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