This page describes how-to integrate AgenPro generated code for SNMP4J-Agent into an agent's main program.

Not Applicable for Maven-Task-Pluign Usage

Although this description uses AgenPro Maven-Plugin files, it steps described herein are not useful when actually also using the AgenPro-Maven-Plugin. The plugin facilitates already many of the below steps. Please read the AgenPro Manual for details.


  1. The code has been generated by AgenPro into a folder that can be used to further develop the agent software. Otherwise, modifications to the generated code cannot be (easily) integrated into regenerated code, for example if there is a MIB specification update.
    For this tutorial that gen-folder is C:\Users\myuser\Documents\agenpro4\generated\snmp4j\src\org\snmp4j\agent\tutorial. You can replace the name gen-folder in the following by this folder.

  2. Optionally: Install the latest SNMP4J.jar, SNMP4J-Agent.jar, and optionally SNMP4J-AgentX.jar in a lib directory. For this tutorial we use C:\Users\myuser\Documents\agenpro4\lib for that. You can dowload latest release JARs from the AGENT++ Maven repository at:
  3. Install Java JDK (the JRE is not sufficient, because you need the Java compiler).
  4. Optionally: Install Maven 3.x. Note: If you do not install Maven, you need to perform step 2 and manually compile the sources (not explained here).
  5. If you have already a main program for your SNMP4J-Agent ready, then continue with step ?? of the Step-by-step Guide below.

Step-by-step Guide

  1. Optionally: Only if you are using your own main agent program implementation, you need first to fix the import section as described in the box below and then add the following function registerMIBs() to that class:

    Import Statements for Integration
    // Alternatively you can also import the complete package you specified in AgenPro project wizard step 1:
    // import <package>.*; 
    import org.snmp4j.agent.tutorial.Modules;
    import org.snmp4j.agent.tutorial.Snmp4jAgentTutorialMib;
    Code to Register Generated MIBs
       * Register your own MIB modules in the specified context of the agent.
       * The {@link MOFactory} provided to the <code>Modules</code> constructor
       * is returned by {@link #getFactory()}.
      protected void registerMIBs()
        if (modules == null) {
          modules = new Modules(getFactory());
        try {
          modules.registerMOs(server, null);
        catch (DuplicateRegistrationException drex) {
          logger.error("Duplicate registration: "+drex.getMessage()+"."+
                       " MIB object registration may be incomplete!", drex);

    Then call the above function in your agent initialization code before the agent is actually started with

    Call Module Registration
      public void run() {
        // initialize agent before registering our own modules
        // this requires sysUpTime to be available.
        registerMIBs(); // <---- here the MIB module registration is called
        // add proxy forwarder
        // now continue agent setup and launch it.;
  2. Compile the sources with Maven:

    Agent Compilation
    cd C:
    cd \Users\myuser\Documents\agenpro4\generated\snmp4j\
    mvn clean install
  3. Run the agent:

    java -jar target\tutorial-1.0.0-SNAPSHOT-jar-with-dependencies.jar udp:

    or alternatively without Maven support:

    Run the Agent
    cd ..\..\..\..
    java -cp .;..\lib\* org.snmp4j.agent.tutorial.Agent udp: